UK Hot Air Balloon Rides

UK Balloon Flights.

A hot air balloon flight is a once in a lifetime experience. It offers you an exhilarating, unique opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

We have two particular balloon ride locations in England we like to recommend.

Having spent a long time in Bristol we have a good knowledge of the area. Bailey Balloons is a well known family business run by Jo and Clive. They are true ballooning enthusiasts whose many years of involvement in the sport and record breaking events shows through. They usually fly in small groups for intimate occasions but can easily cater for larger parties. Most of the flights take place early evening or dawn.

Book a balloon flight with Jo and Clive Bailey and you can help prepare for take-off, find out how the balloon works, enjoy a glass of chilled champagne on touchdown and receive your own special flight certificate.

The other stunning location for a balloon ride in this country is over Central London. These balloon flights are the most exclusive you can take, firstly because the weather has to be spot on and secondly because there is only a limited season for these each year. These flights are only available with Adventure Balloons and are only possible because of the determination of company founder Kim Hull who just wouldn't take no for an answer. He knocked on the doors of the relevant authorities for many years until finally convincing them it was possible.

A more complete list of UK hot air balloon operators can be found on our sister site