The Story of Alberto Santos-Dumont

Follow Your Dreams: The Story of Alberto Santos-Dumont

ISBN: 85-99240-02-1

Napoleon's Arc of Triumph looked like a toy far below.

... has three goals - to inspire children's dreams, to make the story of Alberto Santos-Dumont better known, and to help children in Brazil. The author is donating half of her royalties to charities helping children in Brazil.

Alberto was one of the greatest of the early aviators. He designed and flew both lighter than air (the smallest passenger balloon and blimps) and heavier than air (airplanes) flying machines. He accomplished the first flight in the modern sense of the word - with an itinerary and schedule - with an airship and won the Deutsch Prize for that accomplishment in 1901. This was the first flight of a practical and manageable blimp - before Zeppelin.

He was awarded the Archdeacon Prize for the first official plane flight in Europe in 1906. He was the first to successfully and repeatedly take off and land an airplane on wheels. (The Wright brothers did not have wheels on their planes until 1909.) He is the father of the first ultra-lightlight (sports) plane. This plane, " the Dragonfly." was the first to be built by or sold by people all over the world because the blueprints were freely available.

In 1911, "Popular Mechanics" published the blueprints in the U.S.; and Americans all over the country built and flew his plane, making it the first plane available to all Americans. President Theodore Roosevelt invited him to the White House. When Alberto died, pilots in the air all over the world tipped the wings of their planes in his honor at the precise moment his coffin was lowered into the ground.

In 1901, Alberto flies over Notre Dame (Paris) with airship #6

In addition to all his accomplishments, Alberto was poetic, dedicated, humble and generous. His descriptions of flight are beautiful. He was never deterred from his dream of flight despite great difficulties and danger. He was humble, and he gave away vast sums of prize money to the poor. So why has he been forgotten? Because he refused patents. He felt new ideas should be free for everybody to use to advance progress as quickly as possible. He was interested in ideas, not patents, in prototypes, not marketing. His story is so amazing and so inspiring, it should not be forgotten.

Follow Your Dreams: The Story of Alberto Santos-Dumont

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